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Women's Rights
Ancient Egypt and the United States


 Rights of Ancient Egyptian Women

 Rights of Women
in the United States
 I. In Egypt, women had a right to:

 Do American
women have the
same rights?

 No, Yes,
Don't Know
  Keep anything they inherited from their parents when they married.  
  Share equally with their husband any wealth both partners acquired within their marriage.  
  Conduct business on their own.  
  Own and sell property.  
  Be a witness in a court case.  
  Represent themselves in court.  
  Make a will giving their wealth to whomever they wish.  
  Adopt children.  
  Go out in public and be in mixed company with men.  
  Keep their own name after their marriage.  
  Be supported by their ex-husband after a divorce.  
  Work at jobs other than being a housewife.  
  Seek any employment they are qualified for.  

II. What other rights do women in America have?

III. What other rights do you think women would like to have but do not now?

IV. Which of the rights listed do you think women had in the United States in the 19th century?

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