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The Eyes Of The Empress: Tang Dynasty China

This unit opens the door to the world of women in China's most glorious era - the Tang Dynasty (618 - 906 C.E.). In this cosmopolitan age, women were less restricted than in succeeding dynasties; and at all levels they played a very active role in their society. The unit also focuses on the enduring influence of Confucianism on the lives of women in ancient and modern China.

Spiralbound, 62 pages
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ISBN 0-9625880-4-0
© 1996
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The Eyes of the Empress Story - an original story based on true accounts of a female poet and her maid, and on the deeds of the Empress Wu Zetian. Enriched with follow-up questions, activity suggestions, vocabulary.

Activities/Student Worksheets:

Confucius Says - sayings and cartoons illustrating beliefs about women's place in society.

The Effects Wheel - awareness activity demonstrating the far- reaching implications of Confucian beliefs about women.

The Hen Who Crowed At Dawn - creating a biography poem about Empress Wu Zetian.

Enter the Dragon Women - creating a TV program featuring famous Tang dynasty personalities.

The Sawblade Shop Strike - Multiple perspectives activity drawn from a dialog between a factory manager and young female workers.

A Boy is Good - villagers discuss China's current one child policy.

Background Essay: Women in the Tang Dynasty

Resources Used In The Book

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