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NEW!  Ancient Sita Sings the Blues  A charming animated reimagining of the epic Ramayan from the perspective of Sita. In class, use the images and discussions among Indians adding their views of Sita’s position.

NEW!  Women in the Ancient World  The status, role and daily life of women in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Rome, Athens, Israel and Babylonia.

Diotima   Women and Gender in Ancient Civilizations. Interesting articles to print out.

Educated Women in Ancient Society: Essays on women's education, women in religions, female poets, and Greek women philosophers. This site also provides access to women educated in Medieval society.

Enheduana Page:  Writings and images of Akkadian High Priestess and first known author in world literature.

The First Christians - Roles for Women: Background information on notable women, their status in the early church and essays by scholars.

Hatshepsut:  Highly illustrated, engaging site. The story of her life, transcripts from writings in her tomb,, illustrations, important personalities of her day, lesson on working with hieroglyphics, essay on women in ancient Egypt.

The Legend of Mu Lan: A list of links from Victoria Press (which has young adult readers on Mulan and Empress Wu Zetian).

Lessons For Women - Ban Zhoa: Selections.

The Life of Meresamun: A Temple Singer in Ancient Egypt: Exhibition of Priestess of Amun who lived in about 800 BCE. Objects, legal and social life women Forensic evidence through CT scanners of mummy.

Mulan as a Unit Study: Ways students can learn about the real Mulan both on the WEB and through good books. The site contains links to additional resources; one being a short description of the real Mulan story.

Roman Women: Following the Clues:  A BBC activity which uses Latin literature (histories, poems, biographies) to sort truth from fiction about women in Roman times.

Women in the Ancient World: Site provides short, clearly written essays presented in teachable formats on dowry and bride price, women under the Hammurabi law code, and women in ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece and Israel.

Women and Gender in Ancient Egypt: From Prehistory to Late Antiquity:  Catalogue of 1997 exhibit at Kelsey Museum. Includes artifact images, and ways to assess images and information from other sites.

Women & Women's Communities in Ancient Japan: Essay on women and Shintoism, early history, Heian period and writers.

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