18th CENTURY through 19th CENTURY
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Advice to My Daughter: Letter written in 1794 by the Marquis de Condorcet encouraging his to develop her intellectual skills and find work that will allow her to be self-sufficient.

Declaration of the Rights of Women by Olympe De Gouges, 1791: Description of de Gouges, a time line and the famous Declaration.

The Emancipation of British Women 1750-1920: A rich site full of biographic information and documents on organizations, strategies, Parliamentary reform acts.

Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole: Find primary sources about Nightingale’s life and writing, and classroom activities which explore the experiences of Jamaican traveler and healer Mary Seacole in the Crimea and Nightingale’s rejection of her help.

Greater Learning for Women, 1762: Tokugawan era NeoConfucian treatise.

Introduction to the Life and Work of Ann Griffiths: Hymns of Welch tenant farmer’s daughter containing some of the great Christian poetry of Europe. Text of hymns, letters, manuscript material.

Iratsume and Journals for Women in the Early Meiji Period: Paper on influence of newspapers and their divergent opinions of women in early Meiji Era.

Madame Campan: Memoirs of the Private Life of Marie Antoinette, 1818: Primary source document describing court etiquette and the queen’s lifestyle at the court of Louie XVI.

Marie Antoinette & Charlotte Corday  Interesting essays about the role of both women in the French Revolution.

Mary Wollstonecraft - A 'Speculative and Dissenting Spirit':  Seven page essay by Professor Janet Todd. List of related links is helpful.

Nineteenth-Century Advocates of Political Power for Women (Non-US). Essay plus valuable list of original sources, many on line, relating to this topic.

Some Reflections Upon Marriage: An Essay written in 1700 by Mary Astell presents concise complaints about male power in marriage and society in general and then challenges their presumption of superiority.

Victorian Women Writers Project: A large list of writers including excerpts from some of their works.

The Vindication of the Rights of Women: Mary Wollstonecraft: The complete text of this document which influenced the 19th century women's movements in Europe and the U.S.


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