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Against the Tide: Chinese Feminism and Mainstream Ideologies in Twentieth-Century: Short paper abstracts that nonetheless contain interesting information.

Brave Women: short biographies and some oral histories of Australian nurses who served, were imprisoned, or killed, during wars in Asia and the South Pacific.

Britain 1906 - 1910: Gaining Women’s Suffrage: Highly educational. Case studies to answer site’s Big Question: Who should have pride of place in (Britain’s) women’s suffrage? Primary sources presented under different groups and topics: militants, moderates, women work and war, and suffragettes/suffragists.

Centenary of Women’s Full Political Rights in Finland: Background on history of women’s suffrage in Finland (1906), and basic information on women’s political rights.

Emma Goldman Primary source materials and classroom activities linking Goldman to issues of immigration, freedom of expression, women's rights, anti-militarism.

Iron Women and Foxy Ladies: Posters and text to explore expectations in women's roles from Cultural Revolution to today.

Muna Lee: a beautifully written biographical essay of an American poet who promoted a Pan-American feminism during the first half of the 20th century.

Rosie the Riveter and Other Women World War II Heroes: Background essay mainly U.S.A. focused. Useful section on "Women in Propaganda" showing posters from Japan, Germany, Britain, U.S.

Shah Bano: Muslim Women's Rights:   This classroom activity uses a case study taken from the records of an Indian Muslim woman's 1978 efforts to get maintenance (alimony) through the Indian court system. Her case is used to illuminate controversy over the rights of Muslims in the personal codes against those guaranteed in the civil codes, and that within the Indian Constitution both religious rights and equality before the law can be argued.

Take Up the Sword of Justice: British WWI Posters: Additional propaganda posters depicting the use of women to promote the war effort.

Where Are We Now?  Statistics on dates of women's suffrage around the world.

Widowhood Among the Igbo of Eastern Nigeria: this essay contains a useful summary of trends in the theories and methodology of writing about African women's history.

Women and the African National Congress:  1912 - 1943. Very full essay by Frene Ginwala on the organized response of women in this period to colonial rule and dispossession, and ways their experience differed from men’s.

Women Heads of State in the 20th Century: Female presidents and prime ministers as well as past rulers, queens. Part of the "About. The Human Internet" "Women's History,"section. Use this link to find out what else about women in the past is on this site.

Women World Leaders: 1945 - 2004  Short biographies of reining queens, presidents, prime minister, governors-general, rulers currently in office.

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership: This page recognizes the women who have become part of governing in all the countries of the world through elected office from around 1900 onwards. There is a helpful update section.


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