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NEW!  UNFPA: The State of World Population 2010  This site provides current reports, statistics, videos, photos. Many focus on areas of concern for women. This year find information on reports on women in conflict from wars, as refugees, violence within their homes, sexual trafficking, and so forth. It explores how conflict and protracted humanitarian emergencies affect women and girls—and men and boys—and shows how many women and young people have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and have begun rebuilding their lives and laying the foundation for peace and renewal of their societies.

NEW!  Feminism Resources  An updated site for organizations and resources dedicated to women and women's issues

NEW!  Peace X Peace: Raise Women’s Voices, Build Cultures of Peace  Online magazine dedicated to women discussing their paths to peace, plus resources for further global insights and ways to contribute.

Asian Women Workers Newsletter (AWWN): Quarterly publication, Mainly news of struggles of Asian women workers.

Equality Now: The site of a marvelous organization devoted to taking action against human rights violations against women and girls around the world. Find up-to-date documentation of current abuses, discriminatory laws, and actions by women to change them.

The Feminist Majority Foundation Online   Offers highlights of the past 25 years of U.S. women's history. Includes lessons on teaching modern women's movement as part of Women's History Month.

Feminist Theory Website:  A global look at contemporary feminists and their work and updates of fields within feminism.

Feminist Theory Website: Feminism in Japan: List of links to explore contemporary issues in Asia.

Global Feminism  Links to on-going issues related to organizations concerned with women's advancement.

Global List of Women’s Organizations:  Sorted by country or territory, this growing list includes organizations which have current WEB access sites (the majority), and those which do not.

Human Rights for Workers: List of links to Asian Women Workers sites.

International Gender Studies Centre:  A British institution with a long and distinguished record of cross-cultural research and publications.

International Women's Web Sites:  Listing of sites specific to regions, international organizations, and issues of concern to women. Updated frequently. A perfect place to begin your search.

UNIFEM: update on advancements of women's rights.

Promoting Women's Human Rights: UNIFEM's site to support women's efforts to forward the principle that the "protection of women's human rights is fundamental to ensuring women's self-realization and full participation in society."

Saving the World’s Women: How Changing the Lives of Women and Girls in the Developing World Can Change Everything - Six articles in the New York Times Magazine, 08/23/2009. Statistics. Background video, “Women’s Work”

Awid: Women Rights: an information and communication project formed by a number of international coalitions to strengthen their advocacy/strategies for women's human rights. Great for current news alerts, announcements, and links to relevant human rights systems and documents, and training resources.

Women of Color Resource Center:  Lessons on the impact of the global economy on women.

Women's Environment & Development Organization (WEDO):  Information about global advocacy efforts to increase the power of women as policy makers, and to achieve economic and social justice.

Women's Human Rights Resources:  Articles, documents, and links that discuss women's human rights.

Women's International Center Biography Index   Comprehensive list of resources on women on the Web, from "Activism" to "International." Up coming is history of women through heroines.

Women and Politics:  Links to sites such as GENDER AND POLITICAL PARTICIPATION, information on women’s roles in politics.

WWW Women Diversity/Culture section.   A way to connect with women around the world.

Women Action: links to organizations participating in media.


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