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NEW! Complete Guide to the Industrial Revolution - Links to 24 sites with information appropriate for the classroom. Note in particular the collection of Lewis Hine photographs on link: Children of the Revolution

Rain Queens of Africa  Information promoting awareness of Africa's female leadership traditions including Rain Queens, Queen Mothers, Queens, Priestesses, Shaman Healers, Warriors and their associated roles, customs and history.

Women’s History Month  Information to help you celebrate women’s history month. Each year a different theme is explored. 2010 was: "Writing Women Back into History," efforts to document the inclusion of women in educational materials.

PC Bargain Hunter & Buyers Guide Women Computer History   This mainly U.S. list notes that an early pioneer of computing was a woman – Ada Byron King (1842).

The Minerva Society for the Study of Women and War: A resource which encourages the study of women in the military.

ViVa Women’s History: Current bibliography of women’s and gender history in historical and women’s studies journals. Contains more than 11,000 records describing articles from 1975 onwards.

A Celebration of Women Writers   You'll find links to fascinating sites, plus a listing, of primarily American and European historical and contemporary writers.

China and Women: List of history links.

Distinquished Women of Past and Present   Biographies with some international names.

Feminist Foremothers: 1400 to 1800: short biographies on women from Christine de Pizan to Mary Radcliffe. Some include excerpts from their writings.

Gender Equality Bookstore  A collection of books to help teachers and parents foster gender equality and multiculturalism for girls and boys.

heroines.ca: A Guide to Women in Canadian History:  Incredibly comprehensive site of images, biographies, resources, historic sites, celebrations of women’s history month, updates on current events and exhibits related to Canadian Women’s history.

History of Women Through Art  Impressive global list of paintings plus biographies, and events of the times.

H-Women World Wide Web     Web H-Women has a wealth of women's history email lists one can subscribe to.

International Museum of Women (IMOW):  Online exhibits and events that celebrate women's issues and roles in society.

Internet Women's History Sourcebook:  Terrific directory of online documents and secondary articles on history of women within broadly defined historical periods.

Intersections: Feminist Asian journal. March 2002 issue on Japan has articles for teacher&older students on a variety of topics including female "outlaw" (anarchist) advocates in Imperial Japan.

National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA):  Provides an online collections database of more than 200 artists and more than 1,000 works of art in the Washington museum's permanent collection. Site visitors can look up an artist, read a brief profile, and see images of their work.

National Women's History Project   Mainly United States history. Full catalog of resources for K-12 level in this field. Links to other resources and ideas to use to celebrate women.

Other Women's Voices:  This site offers a wealth of translations of over 85 women's writings which were produced before 1600.

Sunshine for Women: A rich source for thoughtful women’s history essays, primary sources, biographies, contemporary human rights issues, headlines in the news, and much more! Accessible for student use.

TAP Past Notable Women of Computing & Mathematics   Information on pioneers in both areas, with a photo gallery.

Tribute to Our Feminist Forefathers: An overview essay, list of male writings and primary source documents which brings much needed attention to those men who, far ahead of their times, had “tried to improve the condition of women.”

Virtual Library Women’s History:  A rich source for web site arranged under: geographical chronological, archives and libraries, research institutions, museums, associations, journals, discussion lists, links, and special topics, such as labor history.

Women Artists in History:  A listing of western artists and some musicians from Medieval period to present. Some of the names include short biographies.

Women's Biography Sites: Includes Science, Math & Technology.

Women in Asian History:  Useful teacher oriented annotated list of WEB sites including general Asia sources as well as those specific to women. Some include classroom lesson ideas.

Women in the Islamic World: Various primary source documents found within the site - "Internet Women's History Sourcebook."

Women Monarchs and Heads of State:  6th - 12th grade simulation lesson using Queen Hatshepsut and 5 or 6 other female rulers which students may choose. Questions, extensions, vocabulary and Egypt links included.

Women's Studies (R)E-sources on the Web   A comprehensive list of internet sites that will lead you to additional sources.

Women Warriors of Japan: Essay on role of arms-bearing women in Japanese history.

Women Warriors Throughout History, 3500 BC to 40th Century: Good collection of names with fuller information on a few. Leans toward European/Celtic/Viking warriors.

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership: Full list of historical and contemporary leaders, including women ambassadors, clergy, Parliament Chairs, and so forth. Has a “What is New” section.

WW Women   Major source of women's history links, as well as links to other topics.

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