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Anna Comnena:  World’s first woman historian. Complete text of the Alexiad translated by Elizabeth Dawson.

Attending to Early Modern Women Resources: Annotated links to high quality academic resources. Materials range from bibliographic databases to full-text resources, images, and sound recordings. The site contains information for 18th century research as well.

The Beguines: A solid essay on this late 12th century, autonomous, nonhierarchical female order.

Culture & Art: Women of the Tang Dynasty: Images and text.

Diaries of court ladies of old Japan: Within site “A Celebration of Women Writers.” Translation of complete book by Annie Sehpley Omori and Kochi Doi. Illustrations. Find Lady Murasaki Shikibu’s diary here.

The Diary of Murasaki Shikibu: Here on line you'll find Murasaki's whole diary, complete with illustrations, some in color. An incredible resource.

Granuaile O'Malley   Use this site to find links to others about this famous Irish Sea Captain and Raider.

The Grievance Rhetoric of Chinese Women from Lamentation to Revolution: Fascinating article featuring selections from the 16th century story "The Shrew" (loved by students), bridal laments, and revolutionary peasant "speaking bitterness" complaints.

Handbook for William: A Carolingian Woman's Counsel for Her Son:  This wonderful excerpted letter by aristocrat Dhuoda of Septimania (c.806/11 - 843?) advising her son how to behave is one of the very few surviving first person accounts we have from this early Medieval period. It is part of the "Other Women's Voices" site.

International Joan of Arc Society:  Notable for texts related to Joan, pedagogic resources, images, and interactive map.

Life of Women in Tudor England:  Essentially a long essay. Attractively presented and easily accessible for middle school students.

The Lives of Medieval Women   An engaging, attractive, information packed site produced by two high school girls. A must see!

Marriage, Rank and Rape in The Tale of the Genji: An essay for teachers/older students.

Medieval Feminist Index:  A site to help in your search. Indexed under subjects, broad topics, journals and essays.

Medieval Women: Learning Medieval Realms: Student Activity investigating womens active lives using documents and pictures from the British Library.

Monastic Matrix:  This collaborative effort makes available materials devoted to the participation of Christian women in the religion and society of medieval Europe. Divided into eight sections; currently containing over 8,000 citations.

Portrait of Murasaki Shikibu: Activity.

Tudor Women: One page of a ton of information on women in different periods. The "About Human Internet", "Women's History" site has tons of material from women in ancient times to heads of state. Usually short biographies, some quotes.

The Very Model of a Medieval General: the Career of Matilda of Tuscany: Thorough site which focuses on primary sources regarding this fascinating, politically powerful and influential 11th century ruler.

A Visit to the Wife of Suleiman the Magnificent: Letter written by Genoese c. 1550.

The Witching Hours: Find original documents including trial accounts on the 17th and 18th European persecutions.

Women of History:  Nice collections of biographies; some lesser known luminaries.

Women's Use of the Naginata: Essay and illustrations.


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