Women In World History Curriculum

This project began in 1985 as the result of a U.S. Department of Education grant to create a secondary level classroom resource bibliography about women in World History and Global Studies. The result was Women in the World, a book filled with 432 annotated descriptions of easy to obtain materials and suggested ways to use them.

As we researched and wrote for Women in the World, it became obvious that while materials describing women in America's past were appearing in ever increasing numbers, there was a dearth of similar resources about women in World History. It was not that new information and perspectives on women world wide was being ignored, but that "classroom friendly" lessons based on this scholarship had not been produced.

To do its part to fill the need, Women in World History Curriculum began to develop materials which could bring the exciting new scholarship being developed about women into the classroom. We also gave teacher workshops, showcasing the resources and demonstrating ways to introduce women's history into World History courses.

Our first curriculum units were geared to students in the middle to junior high school years. There are ten such units presented as a series called SPINDLE STORIES. Our later units, the WOMEN IN WORLD HISTORY SERIES, are used in both Junior High and High School classes - and sometimes at the college level.

To learn more about these, visit our ONLINE STORE for a detailed description of each unit and many examples of the classroom activities included.

Our director and author of this website's content is Lyn Reese. To learn more about her, click here.


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